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SOLD: A Four Letter Word

April 1, 2008

The facts surrounding the child sex trade horrify most every person I have a conversation with. People are shocked by the rate at which it occurs, the fact that it exists in America, and that adult men & women are actually paying for sex with children. This is one social injustice that leaves no room for debate. Nothing justifies it, and there is no excuse to let it continue.

The SOLD Project is a documentary designed to educate people about the haunting reality of the child sex trade in Southeast Asia & the World, and to give them the tools to halt these atrocities. I founded The SOLD Project after learning about the brutal sexual exploitation of society’s most vulnerable people – children. Through The SOLD Project I have embarked upon a life altering journey that has led me to meet child prostitutes as young as 4 years old, as well as meeting many of the predators who feed off of their innocence. My life permanently changed through these experiences and I have committed my life to searching for a way to make a difference.

We at The SOLD Project have faith that the hope for positive change lives within all people. We can each be a part of restoring innocence and freedom back into the devastated lives of these child victims.

While we do not pretend to have all of the answers – we are on a journey toward finding them and with your involvement we can. Your comments and questions are welcome. Post your ideas. Share your dreams. We are in this together. We need you, but more importantly these children need you.

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