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April 9, 2008

Every day I’m reminded how real this all is: and how easy it is to pretend that “it” is not really happening. That children are being bought and sold for sex. It’s an absolutely heinous crime that, like Rachel likes to point out, you just can’t argue with. There is no way to justify exploiting children, after all. It’s just not right. But it happens – and therefore, we have to fight it. We have been given freedom: freedom to fight for those that have been stripped of their freedom. This idea of being ‘blessed with a burden’ became a reality to me through a conversation with a young woman in the brothels of India a few months ago. She acknowledged my freedom, and her captivity, telling me that she “did not choose this life. Her life was not like mine. She was not free to come and go like I was”. With our freedom comes a level of responsibility if we choose to accept it: to advocate on behalf of the vulnerable and to find hope and healing in moments of darkness. This is a movement of people willing to stand for justice and fight for change in the lives of the vulnerable and the exploited, and we invite you to join us. We need you to join us. Together, we can make a difference.

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