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SOLD at the United Nations

November 19, 2008

Hi Everyone,

My name is Drew Persons and I’ve been working for The SOLD Project for the past year and a half as their Thai language interpreter/Cultural Consultant/Project Manager.

A couple of months ago, a representative from Rotary International approached us with an invitation to participate in their UN Youth Day, held in New York City at the United Nations building. This annual event was created to inspire high school students to make positive changes in the world by connecting them with proactive organizations (like SOLD) that they can partner with and support.

I flew to New York earlier on this month and made a presentation about SOLD’s education scholarship program on November 8th to an audience of 700 people. After I spoke, I was approached by many young people in the metropolitan area, all of whom were interested in joining The SOLD Project.
Overall, the trip was a huge success. Being invited to talk about ANYTHING at the United Nations when your non profit has only been around for a year is pretty incredible.

On a more personal note, the trip was significant for me because my #1 life goal, my loftiest dream, the most unreachable and unlikely honor I could think of, was to speak at the UN. It encapsulates everything that I stand for in terms of foreign diplomacy and effectively making changes. I still can not believe that SOLD made it possible.



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