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SOLD in the Midwest

April 1, 2009

The SOLD Project’s crew has had an amazing time traveling to visit different universities and faith based communities throughout the US. In March, Rachel Goble and Rachel Sparks spent two weeks traveling through Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio – kudos to the Midwest for exceeding expectations and providing awesome venues and receptive crowds.

First stop – Mercer University in Macon, GA. Over 750 applicants showed up to the first student led ‘STOP’ Conference at the university – spear headed by Hannah Vann. SOLD opened up the event with a screening of SOLD:Thailand and was followed by keynote speakers such as Bradley Myles – deputy director of The Polaris Project, Patricia McCormick – author of Sold, Justin Dillon from Call+Response and Joana Santos – a Sex Trafficking survivor. The crew was so inspired by the students and their dedication to leading such an impactful conference.

Two days later Emory University in Atlanta, GA hosted a screening for their law department. 200 people came to hear about child prostitution in Thailand. The Rachel’s started the evening with a screening of the film and then opened it up for a panel discussion hosted by local experts. Awareness was raised, and people were called to action.

The Rachel’s hopped on a plane and headed to Charlotte, NC where Gloria Cave had been working to make these screenings a success. She hosted a “Salsa for a Cause” event where people danced and raised money for SOLD. The film was featured in NoDa at the Green Rice Art Gallery, space was limited so they had two separate screenings – about 100 people showed up for that event. The following evening UNCC hosted a small private screening for students studying social work.

Goble returned home, but Sparks hopped on another flight to Ohio, where Drew Persons met up with her. The two tag teamed the events and had a great turn out. They visited BGSU Firelands in Huron, OH with a smaller screening but an impactful one. Many asked how they could start a “SOLD group” or “human trafficking” group on their campus. And in conclusion to this Midwest tour Rachel and Drew headed to Cuyahoga Community College in Parma, OH where they were welcomed by staff and students excited and ready to learn more – the Q&A was the highlight of that screening with many thought provoking and honest questions.

The SOLD crew met so many encouraging people on this trip, and had a chance to reach thousands of people who wanted to make a change. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make these events a success.

Where will SOLD be next? Check out the tour portion of the website for more details.

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