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Thailand Trip and Other Fun News

April 16, 2009

You guys are awesome… the response for the exposure trip to Thailand has been beyond our wildest imagination. Every single applicant is phenomenal: how are we ever supposed to decide? We’ll keep you posted as we dream up ways to incorporate everyone. The concept of an ‘exposure trip’ is really what broke Rachel and I’s hearts for this from the beginning. We both heard about the issue and felt like we needed to move. Hearing and seeing seemed like the first realistic steps to take: so off she flew to Thailand, and off I flew to India. Those trips changed our lives.

We sense the same willingness in you, our applicants. A willingness to let go of the comfortable in exchange for risk, adventure, a life of unknowing. Thank you for your willingness to let go of your own comforts in order to be exposed to this issue and find your place in it: we are confident that you will come back from this trip a changed and empowered person.

In other news… Sparks has been in Waco, TX for the last couple of days and is set on relocating our national office there. I think she likes it. We’re both headed off in separate directions to Illinois next week: Aurora and Edwardsville. Do you know of anyone in the area? Invite them to come see the film!

Thank you for your support. Has anyone hosted a Party yet? We want to know so that you’re story can inspire others! Email us:

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