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An update on Tipsuda

October 27, 2009

Last month we reached out to our network asking for financial support to help correct the eyes of one of our scholarship students, Tipsuda. She has a sympton called “Ambloyopia” or lazy eye, making it difficult for her to read and see out of both eyes. Through an individual’s generous donation we were able to receive the funding we needed to take the trips to Chiang Mai and begin the road to healing.

Below is an update from The SOLD Project’s Prevention Director, TaWee Donchai, on Tipsuda’s status.


Hi Rachs,

Kung’s Eyes symptom is call “Amblyopia” or Lazy Eye and her condition is very bad because her right eye stop develop ability of vision. She has been using only left eye for her vision for so long.
So Doctor can only try to fixed the cross eyes so she will look normal but can’t fix the vision.Doctor said if she see doctor when she was under 8 Yrs then they can safe her right eye vision. And her parents didn’t took her to CM hospital 4 years ago (as Doctor in CR suggested) because they are poor. So it was very emotional day for me to talk to Doctors and find out all information plus can’t help to keep asking myself why didn’t we met her earlier or why didn’t her parents try harder to help her. I almost cry several time while she answer question to doctors when they exam her vision.
I explained to Tipsuda about condition and what doctor suggestion. Anyway, Tipsuda will need to see Doctor, for a couple more times then schedule for surgery. It will took over 6 months to 1 years for the whole process.

Kung is very exciting for her time in CM and she looking forward to come back again.

here is some more pics.

Thank you to everyone for your support of Tipsuda through this process! If you’d like to send a short note of encouragement to her you can send it to our office at 3037-T Hopyard Road Pleasanton, CA 94588. Please mark that it is for Tipsuda on the outside envelope and leave space on your card for translation.
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