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Tell Choice Hotels to Prevent Child Prostitution in Their Hotels

December 16, 2009

Last week, CHANGE.ORG’s Human Trafficking blogger Amanda Kloer started a petition asking Choice Hotels to sign the ECPAT Code of Conduct in order to help prevent child prostitution. Choice Hotels, the owners of the Comfort Inn in North Carolina where five-year-old Shaniya Davis was sold for sex, have refused to sign the code and prevent the trafficking of children on their properties. By signing Amanda’s petition, over 2,000 people have sent emails to David Peikin (Senior Director, Corporate Communications), Anne Madison (Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications) and Steve Joyce (CEO), asking them to sign on to the Code.

Please read the following article and visit the above link to the sign the petition.

Right now, children are falling prey to sex trafficking in American-owned hotels all over the world, and even right here at home. Just last month, 5-year-old Shaniya Davis was sold for sex at a Comfort Inn in North Carolina. The tragedy of Shaniya Davis and the abhorrence of child prostitution are universally acknowledged. Companies like Choice Hotels, the parent company of the Comfort Inn where Shaniya was sold, have the power to help prevent it.

Choice Hotels can help prevent child prostitution with one simple action: signing the ECPAT Code of Conduct. More than 900 companies around the world (very few of them from the U.S.) have been willing to take this simple, effective action. Without their commitment to eradicating child sex trafficking, American-owned hotels are signally their indifference to the plight of children.

You can take action to prevent child prostitution by sending a letter to Choice Hotels CEO Steve Joyce, telling him to sign the ECPAT Code of Conduct and commit to preventing child sex tourism in Choice Hotel hotels.

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