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Providing Resources to Kids At-Risk

June 21, 2010

From the FieldIt’s been five months since we broke ground on The FREEDOM Project‘s Resource Center in Chiang Rai. After realizing the lack of resources provided through the public school system, and the need for not only these resources but a safe place for students to hang out and build relationships, we began construction to provide just this. The center, as many of you know, serves three primary purposes: 1) A headquarters for SOLD in Thailand, 2) Housing for long-term volunteers and 3) Resources for the community.

Even though it’s only half completed, the building is already being used to it’s full capacity. Most recently a team from Westmont college came and spent an entire day pouring concrete on the bottom level so that our students, who show up by the dozens every Saturday, don’t have to sit in the mud when learning English. The local community has gone above and beyond in showing their support, and eagerness, to see this project to completion. Showing up for work days, offering their time, resources, and talents to bring the building to completion.

We still need roughly $5,000 to complete the building. This includes walls for the bottom level, furniture and appliances to make it a home, bean bags for the kids to hang out on downstairs, desks, computers, books, lamps, etc. If you’re interested in supporting, 100% of your donation goes directly towards the resource center when you click on ‘Donate‘ and allocate your donation towards ‘The FREEDOM Project’.

Together, we can help stop it before it begins.

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