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Founder to speak at sexuality conference

September 15, 2010

EventOn September 27-29, Rachel Sparks-Graeser, founder of The SOLD Project, will be speaking at an Idea Camp conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Idea Camp is “a collaborative movement of idea-makers” that hosts several events a year on various topics.

Here is what Idea Camp has to say about their upcoming conference on sexuality:

Join us for a fresh, honest and transformative conversation with leading thinkers on topics including sexual identity, orientation, abuse, gender perceptions, porn, marriage, family, prostitution, and slavery.

The issues related to human sexuality are too often misunderstood, ignored, or avoided in far too many churches. The Idea Camp will facilitate a safe and transparent environment of learning, sharing of insights from the respective fields of focus, and practical insights and examples of holistic care.

Rachel will be leading a International Trafficking workshop on Monday, Sept. 27th, at 4:15 p.m.  She will also be a part of the panel discussing sex slavery on Tuesday, Sept. 28th, at 1:45 p.m.

Idea Camp is all about ideas.  Your ideas.  So the sex slavery panel will be accepting your comments and questions as it happens. Watch and participate at the live events here.

You can read Rachel’s bio here on Idea Camp’s website.  Or watch previous Idea Camp events here.


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