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Meet Blah Chermui

October 6, 2010

Our Staff

Blah Chermui, SOLD's Program ManagerAs The SOLD Project’s Program Manager, Blah seeks out children who are in need of our scholarships and visits current students’ homes to check in on their educational progress and general well-being. She also translates the postcards you sent to your sponsor child! Those of us farang (foreigners) living here in Chiang Rai simply do not know what we would do without Blah to call upon. She’s an invaluable help to all of us.

Blah lives with her husband, Gii, and seven children—three of her own and four nieces and nephews that they have taken into their home. Their (very crowded!) house is located about five minutes down the road at the local Akha foundation, where Gii currently works. We love running into them at the local market!

Blah is Akha (one of Thailand’s largest minority groups) and grew up in the northern hills of Chiang Rai, where many of the Akha and other hill-tribe people groups reside. It isn’t easy for these groups to gain Thai citizenship—even though many of them were born in Thailand—and this often leads to, or perpetuates, their poverty. For ten years, Blah worked with a local NGO that offered hill-tribe children the opportunity to gain an education. Many of the children are from broken homes, have been orphaned, or come from villages too remote from any Thai school. They have many risk factors that often lead to a future of prostitution in order to provide for their families. Currently, 40 percent of SOLD’s scholarship students are a part of this ethnic minority.

Outside of her job description, it is impossible to talk about Blah without mentioning her extremely kind and generous heart.  Even with so much on her plate, she never complains and is always quick to help. She always takes time to ask how each of us here in Chiang Rai are really doing. The kids in our program clearly adore and respect her. (And, she also will probably hate that we are publishing an entire blog post all about her!) To say that we love Blah very much is an understatement.

Please consider supporting Blah’s salary. Currently, we need four more people to give $32/month for Blah’s monthly salary. Her contribution to The SOLD Project’s work in invaluable, and much of what you see on our blog, in videos, and e-mails simply could not happen without her.

To help sponsor Blah’s work, please make a recurring donation to the Stand 4 Freedom campaign. Under “Giving Options,” please select “$32/month” from the dropdown menu and, when asked if you’d like to make your donation in someone’s name, check “Yes” and write “Blah Chermui” in the box. Thank you!

Help Sponsor Blah > Click here to make your gift


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