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Thoughts on Sexuality Conference

October 25, 2010

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A few weeks ago, SOLD founder Rachel Sparks-Graeser was a featured speaker at IdeaCamp’s Sexuality conference in Las Vegas, NV.  Here are Rachel’s thoughts on a weekend of tough questions, new insights, and a room (and internet!) full of people interested in making a difference for the better.

Idea Camp was unlike any other conference I have attended.  With the conference focusing on sex, there were tough conversations happening via panel discussions and workshops.  The conversations focused on gender issues and sexual orientation, prostitution and pornography, and even infidelity and sexual abuse.  The conference created the space for these conversations to take place, all the while being broadcasted via the internet for the whole world to participate in.  It was interesting to watch that conversation develop online.

I was proud to be on a panel as an expert on the issue of sex slavery.  I brought an international perspective and was honored to be on panel with those who are working domestically.  I did my best to discuss the importance of SOLD’s prevention strategy any chance I had, as that is what fuels my fire.  I hope that people heard the important message that lack of education and poverty are at the root of all modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

Thank you to everyone who attended Idea Camp in Vegas and to those of you who participated online.  (And to those of you who re-tweeted Rachel’s presentations during the conference!)  And many thanks to Idea Camp for creating a forum for these tough conversations to take place.  Learning about all angles of sexual exploitation and the changes you truly can make for the issue is the only way change can happen.

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