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Study: Education Improves Women’s Lives

October 29, 2010

News ArticleRecently, a British medical journal published a study about effects that education has on women’s health and place in society.  Looking at 915 censuses from 175 countries, the researches analyzed education, economic growth, HIV rates, and child mortality rates of the past 40 years.

The study’s official interpretation is that “the substantial increase in education, especially of women, and the reversal of the gender gap have important implications not only for health but also for the status and roles of women in society.”

In other words, educating women will not only improve their health, but their roles in society as a whole.

At The SOLD Project, we are already putting this idea into practice to prevent child prostitution.  We believe that education is extremely effective at offering at-risk children a hope of a better future. Public education–something we so often take for granted in America–isn’t free in Thailand, and the cost ($1/day) of even the most basic schooling is a significant burden for a parent making $4/day in the rice fields.  Girls do not have the option to pursue a more respectable future as a Buddhist monk, and so, in rural communities, daughters are often considered too expensive to keep in school and sent to the cities to earn an income for their families.  It is common for young, uneducated girls to turn to prostitution.

That is why our prevention program, The FREEDOM Project , offers resources to children we have identified as at-risk: scholarships to stay in school, mentorship with older peers, human trafficking awareness, and tutoring in English, art, and more.

The study was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose philanthropic work and financial investment is based on the principle that “all lives that equal value.”  Click here to read the 2010 Lancet study in its entirety.

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