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November 28, 2010

Re:ACT Story

Recently, SOLD received a donation from a Midwestern couple.  When we contacted them to say thank you, we asked how they found out about us.  They wrote back about how their daughter, through a school assignment, was educating people about the issue of trafficking and already being an advocate for the cause.  Way to go!

Her mother writes:

I was told about The SOLD Project by a friend named Katie.  [Note: Katie is a good friend of SOLD who does graphic design for us here and there.] My daughter is working on a senior paper and she chose sex trafficking as her topic.  She needed to interview someone who had some knowledge about her topic.  Katie was so helpful and we appreciate that she spoke with our daughter.  We do not know [SOLD’s founder] Rachel Sparks-Graeser but did communicate with her via email…  Rachel and Katie were both so willing to help. It’s amazing how much this has impacted my daughter once she started doing all the research.  She (and us for that matter) had no idea of the severity of this problem.

Never underestimate the impact you might have from sharing with someone about the issue of child exploitation and that there are ways–right where you are–to get involved!

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