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Facebook Profile Pictures Fight Back

December 6, 2010

Re:ACT Story



All the cool kids are doing it. Well, a least half of our friends on Facebook anyway.

As you probably already know, it is a growing fad to change your profile picture to that of a favorite cartoon character.  Facebook trend analysts (apparently, they exist) say it started in Greece.  Now, a huge part of the Facebook community is sporting Wonder Woman, Superman, and Rugrats.  All in an effort to say that you care about child exploitation–be it abuse or prostitution or labor laws–and your cartoon image is reminding everyone that kids have the right to be just that: kids.  Kids who love Saturday morning cartoons. Raising awareness with a Facebook picture is the first step to raising awareness for a cause worth fighting for: kids in need.

Check out our re:ACT stories to learn about how people just like you who gave their time and energy to the at-risk children assisted by The SOLD Project.  They became SOLD interns.  They volunteered.  They spread the word.  In short, they made a difference.  Just something to think about.  Put your time–and moolah–where your Facebook profile picture is.

What actions are you taking that actively and effectively making a difference in the lives of exploited children or children who are at risk of being exploited?  Maybe you could get involved in a group on campus that raises awareness or volunteer.  Consider giving up a Subway sandwich every now and then to give that money towards organizations helping exploited kids.

That’s how change happens.  One Subway sandwich–and Facebook profile picture–at a time.

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