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SOLD is on Jumo!

December 10, 2010

JumoGet InvolvedJumo is a new online network that connects individuals (that’s you!) and organizations (that’s us!) working to change the world.  Jumo, which means “come together” in Yoruba, a west African language, is helping us empower you to share the stories of kids in northern Thailand who are at-risk of being exploited.  Jumo was founded in February 2010 by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

According to, the network’s goal is to address three well-known facts:

  • There are millions of people working to improve the lives of others, many of whom lack the resources to have greatest impact.
  • There are millions more who want to help, but don’t know how.
  • Despite huge advancements in connection technologies, it’s hard to find meaningful opportunities to get involved.

Here’s why we heart Jumo:

“Jumo aims to build lasting relationships to the causes you care about. We’re not interested in a one-time donation or a $10 text message to a cause or organization you never return to; Jumo is interested in building an informed community of people invested in the long-term successes of effective organizations. We provide meaningful opportunities to make a difference in the world around you.”  –

When you “follow” SOLD on Jumo, you’ll get our updates, videos, articles, etc. in one easy location that will show you how you can get involved and all the great stuff your support helps accomplish.  In addition to being able to give through our website, you can give through Jumo.

Check out SOLD’s Jumo profile here!

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