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Etsy Shop Pays it Forward to SOLD

January 6, 2011

Re:ACT Story

Nikki has a self-professed love affair with art.  Her Etsy shop, Magpie Tree, is a “nest of shiny trinkets” that she runs from her home in Indianapolis.  Magpie Tree specializes in “wearable art made from natural trinkets and keepsakes.”  She also creates custom orders.

Nikki, Magpie Tree owner

Recently, Nikki made the decision to use her artistic skills to give back.  From her Etsy sales, she donates 10 percent of profits to The SOLD Project.  Nikki, a friend of founder Rachel Sparks-Graeser, says she was excited to see a young organization that “not only works to treat the problem, but also works to find solutions to prevent the problem.”  She is also interested in ways to become more involved with SOLD locally.

Donating some of her Etsy proceeds to SOLD was “a very natural” decision for Nikki.

“I had been in search of a cause  [where] I could use my Etsy shop sales as a way to give back, and I was reminded of SOLD. I am blessed and thankful for the life and the talents that I have been given; it seems only right to pay that forward in some way. The SOLD Project touched the core of my heart from the very beginning. If it does the same for you, use your talents and get creative!”

Nikki's Idea Board

From our beginnings as a film, SOLD has always been very much about artistic expression.  We get pretty stoked when someone harnesses all that creative power on behalf of the at-risk children in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  That’s why, at our Resource Center, we spend a lot of time helping the kids express themselves creatively.  This fall, during a long break from school, the kids had a blast at Art Week.  The Art Corner at the Center is always filled with a stack of magazines for collages and jars of (not quite clean) paint brushes and plenty of paper, thanks to Stand 4 FREEDOM donors who help keep our FREEDOM Project in Chiang Rai up and running.  (Sign up now to give $16/month and make a difference.)

Want to partner with SOLD in a creative way like Nikki is?  Already doing something awesome that you’ll let us brag about?  Let us know!  Email us at so we can share your story.  We’d love to feature you on our blog and website!

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