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Unearthed Pictures

January 30, 2011

Re:ACT Story

In our counry of countless awareness campaigns, celebrity endorsements, and social entrepreneurship, Unearthed Pictures isn’t just jumping into the mix for the sake of getting their hands dirty.  They’re listening and exploring and finding a way to contribute to current causes and solutions in a way that is effective and more-than-temporary.

Unearthed Pictures puts it this way:

“We travel, document and tell stories of people (that matter just as much as you and I) that are literally living in hell. Our job is to communicate their stories and to prompt people to act in response to them. Right now, we’re focused on people who are sexually exploited.”

Unearthed is using film production “to equip people with information and instruction about how to make a massive dent in some of humanity’s worst injustices.”  They not only raise awareness through fantastic films, but, beginning this month, they donate at least 15 percent of their own donations towards the “rescue operations, safe house rehabilitation, criminal prosecution, law enforcement, job training, counseling and education.”

The talented people at Unearthed know that it isn’t a lack of passion that slow down the efforts of these non-profits.  It’s not that there “aren’t enough people willing to do the hard work or rescuing, healing and prosecuting but because the one’s that are working are all under-funded.”

Keep up with their work through their Facebook, Twitter and website.  View more of their incredible film work at


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