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17 At-Risk Students are Waiting for Your Help

February 18, 2011

Get Involved“My dream is to become a nurse,” says Tunyalak, an extremely bright girl who is about to enter the 6th grade. “My parents are farmers, who work very hard but only make a very small income. If I am able to get this scholarship it will really help my family and relieve some of the financial burden. My mother’s health is poor.”

When asked why she should receive one of SOLD’s scholarships, she surprised our staff by saying, “If I am able to get this scholarship, I will work hard in my studies so that I can help develop the communities where I live.”

We need individuals like you to invest in the future of these children. As our students grow up and we help them plan for higher education, we need scholarship sponsors at various levels. Most of our students entering high school or university are among the first of their families to do so, and the need for new sponsors at these levels is great.

Current Sponsorship Needs

Scholarship Needs Pie Chart

Our need is immediate. Our ask is simple. Help her realize her dream. For a small monthly sacrifice, you can provide these children with an education—an education that helps ensure they have a future of hope and freedom.

Click Here To Sponsor a Student


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