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Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

April 11, 2011

This week, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher officially kicked off their “Real Mean Don’t Buy Girls” campaign.  Their non-profit organization, The Demi and Ashton Foundation (DNA), is based on the belief that freedom is a basic human right.  The foundation’s goal is to “raise awareness about child sex slavery, change the cultural stereotypes that facilitate this horrific problem, and rehabilitate innocent victims.”

From USA Today to CNN, Moore and Kutcher (you’ve heard of them, right?) have been on a whirlwind press tour to raise awareness for the “Real Men” campaign and the issue of child sex slavery as a whole. The campaign has drawn involvement from Tom Brady, Donald Trump, Justin Timberlake–and many more. The idea is to show “real men” doing things that, well, real men do.  You know, like Real Man Edward Norton knowing how to use an iron (he’s toasting a grilled cheese with it). What real men don’t do is purchase girls for sex.

Kutcher told CNN: “We want to create a cultural shift in the way men and women view young people selling themselves for sex.”

In a sense, the sex industry–from Bangkok to LA, Amsterdam to Detriot–comes down to a simple reality of Business 101:  Supply and Demand. And DNA’s Real Men campaign is seeking to reduce the demand by reminding American culture and beyond that its just plain lame to buy sex from young girls. Kutcher told CNN that, because the sex industry is elastic (raise the price, reduce the demand), you can put it out of business.  “The way to do that,” he says, “is by attacking the demand because the supply is endless.”

That’s where The SOLD Project comes in.  While DNA focuses on reducing the demand, we seek to reduce the supply. In this case, “supply” is vulnerable children being sexually exploited. Our work in northern Thailand with at-risk children is helping them avoid a life of exploitation. This is in an area known as a breeding ground for child prostitutes because poverty forces them to drop out of school and travel to the city to work. Without proper education, their options there are few, and they are easily lured into the sex industry. Our prevention program is offering education and helping them stay in school and succeed

Sex sells. Children. And we’re trying to stop it before it begins.  Learn more here.

Check out DNA Foundation’s Facebook page and watch other “Real Men” videos on their youTube page. (Watch the Jamie Foxx video here.) Follow DNA on Twitter at @dnafoundation.  Rumor has it Ashton Kutcher has a Twitter feed too?

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  1. Mooce permalink
    April 12, 2011 8:16 am

    Addressing the demand side is a large challenge. I wish DNA all the success. Thank you for this post.


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