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SOLD Kids’ Photography in Thai Exhibit

May 24, 2011

On Saturday, May 14th, Prataap Jai, an art gallery in Chiang Rai, Thailand, hosted a photography show for The Sold Project to raise funds for our work. As you can imagine, the kids were thrilled to see their photography in the exhibit for the whole city to see. Some even introduced themselves at the front of the crowd at the exhibit’s opening. They were nervous, of course, but so proud of their work.

Gallery co-owner Caty Dio sorted through the hundreds of images the kids took in preparation for the event as a part of Art Week. While trying to select photos for the exhibit, Caty says she was “amazed by their talent.  Some of them are true naturals.”  She says she knows they will only be continued to continue expressing themselves and their world through art and photography.

Says Caty:

“SOLD does an amazing job giving the children they work with a plethora of opportunities, encouraging creativity and individuality. These children are given the freedom to figure out their own paths and the means to follow their dreams through the support of scholarships and sponsors. They are a very motivated and inspiring group of children, and we are proud to have had the pleasure of working with them, and hope to make SOLD fundraisers a regular thing!”

100 percent of the exhibits proceeds (earned via silent auction) goes to support SOLD. You can learn more about the exhibit here.  The gallery is also co-owned by Amber Word.

Thanks to our Stand 4 Freedom sponsors who give $16/month to allow our prevention program, The FREEDOM Project, to offer opportunities like this to our kids.  And also thanks to those who donated the amazing cameras for the kids to use!  It’s about time they graduated from our iPhones!

The kids learning photography to prepare for the exhibit. (Photo by Robby Barthelmes)


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