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Sell Textbooks, Not Kids

May 31, 2011

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So, it’s the end of the school year. What did you do with all those textbooks you paid cold, hard cash for back in September? Maybe you drove them back to your parents’ house, crammed in the trunk of your 1999 Corolla. Or maybe you’re spending way too much time on Craigslist trying to get a couple of bucks out of them. Or maybe you piled them like Legos into the shape of a park bench and left them on the campus sidewalk.

What if you skipped all that and let someone else sell those textbooks for you and donate the money to a great cause? And, no, “donating” that “park bench” to your alma mater doesn’t count.

SOLD has an awesome partnership with Word Made Flesh and Tree of Life Books.  You send in your textbooks for free and they sell the textbooks for you and donate the money to SOLD! You get rid of those old textbooks and help us sustain our important work in northern Thailand.  And (wait for it): It costs you NOTHING. Zero. Zilch.

All you have to do is enter your books’ ISBN numbers, print out a FREE shipping label, and let Tree of Life books get to work selling your textbooks and donate the money to SOLD!

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your books’ ISBN numbers.  (Or steal your roommate’s.  But probably ask first.)
  3. Print a mailing label from the site.  You pay nothing for postage.
  4. Find a box to put the books in. Preferably not one from the cafeteria kitchen that smells funny.
  5. Throw on the label and visit your friendly local post office to drop off the package.
  6. Feel good because a few minutes of work on your part just raised money for kids in Thailand!

All the profits Tree of Life makes from selling your books go directly back to The SOLD Project.

Visit to sell your books and use easy links to spread the word via Facebook or Twitter. Send the message below to your Facebook friends to encourage them to donate books on SOLD’s behalf.



Want a place to sell your textbooks and help out a good cause?  I am friends with an awesome organization called The SOLD Project, and they are preventing child exploitation through education in Thailand.   They’ve partnered with a company that will buy your used textbooks and donate the money to SOLD.  And it costs you nothing!

I mean, not that you don’t want to keep that massive World Literature book that has been faithfully propping up your desk all semester, but by donating your book through, you’re giving it to a good cause.  From there, you can also share the link via Twitter and Facebook.  Those donations will really add up to making a difference for The SOLD Project’s prevention work in northern Thailand for at-risk children.


It’s simple. You spent all year in school. Now your textbooks could help send at-risk children to school so they can avoid a life of exploitation.
Click below to spread the word via email, Twitter, and Facebook!

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