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The Startup Daily

July 11, 2011

Our Partners

For a limited time, The SOLD Project has partnered with business idea curator The Startup Daily and the proceeds from Amazon US links are being donated to our prevention work in Thailand.

Created by Karl Krantz, The Startup Daily is a daily email for “everyone who is running a business, planning a business, or just likes to learn from the best minds out there.” In addition to tips and ideas on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship, the emails feature a business book (old or new) and an excerpt to go along with it. Clicking on the book image in the email will take you to Amazon, where you can buy the book. For the next two weeks, a portion of the Amazon book sales will be donated to SOLD!

The Startup Daily covers “everything from practical specific tips to big picture thoughts and wisdom.” It’s delivered six days a week, once a day, and is digestable in about two minutes.  There are currently 7,000+ people on the email mailing list. (SOLD Communications Director Michael Colletto is one of them!) Sign up yourself at

When Connecticut lawmakers passed legislation in June that upset The Startup Daily’s business model, Karl decided to make the best of the situation and replace his Amazon affiliate links with codes to benefit non-profit organizations instead. SOLD is the second organization to benefit from Karl’s generosity.

THANK YOU to The Startup Daily for featuring The SOLD Project and supporting our work by donating a portion of Amazon sales to preventing child exploitation in Thailand!


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