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SOLD’s Newest Donors: Ages 6-12

July 28, 2011

Re:ACT Story

Recently, one of our faithful SOLD donors, a woman named Rachel, signed up to be a Stand 4 FREEDOM donor for $16/month. As we do with all of our donors, we sent her a personal “thank you.” Rachel’s surprising reply captured the essence of why we absolutely love our donors and how absolutely anyone can make a small sacrifice to support an important cause.

Rachel writes:

My oldest four children (ages 6-12) have each committed to giving $1/week of their chore money to Stand 4 FREEDOM.  I’ve talked with them about SOLD several times in the past six months, and we had initially talked about the possibility of the four of them sponsoring a child [for $31/month].

But Rachel said that the Stand 4 FREEDOM campaign, which asks for $4/week to support our holisitic prevention programs, was “perfect” for her family. So she and her husband attach an envelope to the family calendar each month. When they pay their kids a chore allowance at the end of the week, each of the kids put $1 into the SOLD envelope.

The "FREEDOM Fund" on the Family Calendar

It works out so well mathematically: $4/week for my four kids. When I presented them with the opportunity to give, two of them were willing right away.  One was not sure he wanted to, and the other one piped up with, ‘Hey!  But [the Bible says] it’s only supposed to be 10 percent. If I give $1 a week, it might end up being more than 10 percent!’  (Always looking for an angle, that one.)  So it was also a good opportunity to remind them that God continually gives to us and that we should cheerfully give back to Him.  The two that were on the fence reluctantly agreed that they would give $1/week of their chore money.

Rachel and her husband are taking this opportunity to teach their four school-aged children about children all around the world and the impact they can make their generosity. It’s a lesson that will not only impact the lives of her children, but the charitable causes they choose to support in their futures and, of course, our students in Thailand today.

Rachel and Her Family // Summer 2011

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  1. July 28, 2011 9:48 am

    Rachel, you guys are awesome! Thank you for inspiring others.

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