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Our August 4 Feature on

August 3, 2011


Media / Press

On Thursday, August 4th, The SOLD Project will be featured by Philanthroper, a quickly growing website that believes “a little helps a lot.”

“You know those daily deal sites? We’re another one of those. But instead of selling something, we’re sharing the story of a new 501(c)3 nonprofit every day. And if you’d like, you can give them $1. We’re trying to make doing good a habit.”

Every day, Philanthroper features a different non-profit on its website and in its emails and asks people to give $1. Just $1. Why? “So you can donate another $1 tomorrow. And another the next day,” says Philanthroper. They believe that by giving $1 through Philanthroper each day, you’ll donate more over time than you would have otherwise. “Plus, it won’t sting your bank account so badly.”

If you’re familiar with SOLD, you know $1 does make a difference. That is the cost of one day of public schooling for each child in Thailand. Two causes on Philanthoper broke the record and surpassed $500 last week! (Remember, these are $1 gifts!) We might be biased, but we think it would be pretty awesome if we broke those new records!

Last week, SOLD’s Communications Director, Michael Colletto, was privileged to have a phone call with Philanthroper about our prevention work in northern Thailand.  Philanthroper, which has been featured by the likes of Fast Company and MSNBC, is (rightfully) stingy about who they feature for the day.

“We talk to people in the industry, and we scour databases for a variety of exceptional 501(c)3 groups doing good – from the local to global levels. Then we look at their business practices (their tax forms). Then, if we’re still smitten, we give them a ring to hear their story. No organization appears on Philanthroper without being vetted or without authorizing participation. “

Philanthroper especially takes interest in smaller non-profits bringing in less than one million dollars each year. (Um, that’s us.)  Because Philanthroper knows that these nonprofits “tend to be young, growing and in need of every extra dollar they can get.” (Yup. Definitely us.)

Learn more about Philanthroper at their FAQ page.  Sign up for their daily emails here. And, goshdarnit, if you absolutely insist of donating more than $1 to The SOLD Project, you can twist our arm and give here.


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