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One of Philanthroper’s “Top Ten” Most Successful Campaigns

August 5, 2011

Re:ACT Story

According to Philanthroper, we were one of their Top Ten most successful campaigns ever, thanks to 237 donors giving a total of $608! What an exciting day as we kept checking back to see where donations were “at.” We were continually amazed as the number of donations—from $1-$10—continued to arrive. After the initial One Day campaign, additional donations brought the total to $702.

We were honored to be featured by such a cool company (check them out!) and privileged to get to “meet” so many new donors through this unique partnership. Giving $1 may not seem like much, but all those donations brought us to over $600. And that is a lot. And that will make a difference.

One dollar is the cost of one day of public schooling for an at-risk child in Thailand. $1/day changes the whole story for these kids—instead of dropping out of school, they’re receiving an education; instead of falling into exploitation, they’re rising from poverty and pursuing their dreams.

If you’re interested in continuing to support our work, please consider giving $4/week to our prevention program in Thailand, The FREEDOM Project, to support our scholarship, mentorship, resources, and trafficking awareness programs for children at risk and their communities.

If you’re new to SOLD (or maybe you’ve been around for awhile!), sign up for our monthly email list to stay posted on our on-the-ground work in Thailand, as well as fun stories and cool partnerships like this one!

See our Philanthroper introduction here and yesterday’s updates here.


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