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Calling all artists! Submit your work to Studio Unfiltered’s exhibit “WHY HOPE?”

August 28, 2011

Get InvolvedPleasanton, CA art gallery Studio Unfiltered is accepting applications for their upcoming exhibit, “WHY HOPE?” There is no application fee, and you don’t have to be a local artist to apply. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION is September 2nd.

Rachel Carey, president of The SOLD Project and Studio Unfilteredco-founder of Studio Unfiltered, explains her vision for the exhibit:

The “WHY HOPE?” series asks the artist to explore one simple question: why hope?  Opening on September 24th, the “WHY HOPE?” series will grapple with the intersection of hope and justice, artistically exploring not just the expectation for what is to come, but also exploring what is being done in our midst.

Hope is present in both justice and injustice.  In both cases, hope is the expectation for what a new future has in store, where what we dream about today—and even what we can’t yet imagine—might possibly come true.  Artists live, move, breath, and create amidst these tensions: justice vs. injustice, present realities vs. future possibilities, the here and the now vs. what could be.  The “WHY HOPE?” series is born from these tensions, giving artists the freedom to explore some of the deepest emotions, impulses, and reactions that the human experience offers.

Built into the “WHY HOPE?” series is the notion that this art will move our world from injustice to justice, taking our dreams of the future and making them the realities of today.

Join Studio Unfiltered as we navigate, through art, the realities of today by articulating the possibilities of tomorrow.  It’s time to ask “WHY HOPE?”

Studio Unfiltered‘s mission is to forward creativity, passion and art excellence by providing exhibition space to new and established artists as well as programs and activities that encourage public awareness, participation and appreciation of the visual arts and the causes they support. 25 percent of all art sales go to benefit the children of The SOLD Project. The exhibit opens September 24th.


WHY HOPE? An open exhibit at Studio Unfiltered

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