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Sometimes Life Is so Awesome We Don’t Know What to Do With It

September 2, 2011

Our Partners

No doubt about it—the advantages of living in a first-world country make our lives awesome, but a new website called asks an interesting question: “What if giving up these differences could help make other people’s lives awesome?” is about “realizing how good we have it, so the idea of giving becomes more tangible.” Their first campaign, Nix Your Flix (yup, the guys who mail the red envelopes), launched Thursday with this video:

GiveYourDifference reminds us that, when giving, perspective matters.

We’re two guys who need a constant reminder to be way more generous. We easily depart with our money for the weekend movie and night out, but when it comes to giving even small amounts to others it’s a different thought process, why is that? We want the decision to give to be as easy as buying our morning cup of joe, it’s that simple. This is our experiment; we’ll see how it works.

– Adam & Nick

Not only is GiveYourDifference a brilliant social reminder to be generous with what we have (instead of griping about our lame #FirstWorldProblems), but they chose to partner with The SOLD Project as one of the first nonprofits to benefit from their campaign!

Interestingly, $16—the (increased) price of a streaming + DVD subscription plan with Netflix—is the same amount our Freedom Sponsors give to prevent child prostitution in Thailand. What are you doing with your difference?

Give Your Difference to The SOLD Project

Nix Your Flix and Give Your Difference to The SOLD Project!

Spread the word and join GiveYourDifference on Facebook and Twitter (@giveyourdif).

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