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Sell stuff, help people—support SOLD with KarmaGoat, the Craiglist of Philanthropy

September 9, 2011

Get Involved

We’ve all found ourselves with stuff on our hands that we don’t really use and don’t really want. It’s good, useful stuff—just not for you, not anymore. Time to get rid of it. But before you put it in the garage sale pile or post it on Craigslist, we’ve got a better idea: sell your stuff on KarmaGoat to prevent child prostitution in Thailand.

KarmaGoat is essentially philanthropy’s answer to Craigslist. It’s an online marketplace for buying and selling items, with one important distinction: the proceeds from the sale go to a worthy cause of the seller’s choice—like The SOLD Project.

A seller lists an item, sets a price, and picks a cause. A buyer meets-up with the seller to pick up the item, and pays the purchase price to KarmaGoat. We forward 85% to the chosen cause.

Here’s how it all started: Back in the spring of 2009, one-day KarmaGoat founder Jonathan Lehmann was moving from Paris to Los Angeles to pursue an MBA. As he sorted though is stuff to prepare for the move, he had the idea for creating a fun, easy way for people to give away their unwanted stuff and achieve something good, like providing medical kits, education, or even a goat to people in need.

So, next time you’re browsing Craigslist for an item, check KarmaGoat first. And next time you’re selling, please list your stuff on SOLD’s KarmaGoat page. Your old stuff can still do a lot of good.

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