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Former Intern with Anti-Trafficking Film Project

September 30, 2011

Re:ACT Story

Chelsea Pickslay is a former SOLD intern and a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, which is also the alma mater of SOLD founder, Rachel Sparks-Graeser. This is her story.

One day during my freshman year, Rachel spoke in chapel and showed the SOLD movie that night. Cat’s story grabbed me, and it felt like the most natural thing to want to fight for children like her. That night I signed up to sponsor a child through SOLD’s scholarship program, [The FREEDOM Project]. I treasure writing to Suthida, the girl I sponsor, and hearing back from her. She is a precious girl, and I feel honored to be in connection with her.

That next summer I decided to intern with SOLD. Wherever I went, I talked about the issue and the organization. I had SOLD’s DVD with me, so I showed it whenever I found someone interested in watching it.  SOLD equipped me with the information and resources I needed to bring awareness to people.

The next year we had an event at my university called Breaking the Chains, where we invited various organizations to come and run booths to raise awareness. A friend of mine from school had also interned with SOLD, so we both represented the organization. I enjoyed talking to people at other booths, learning about how people are helping the cause in different ways.

Everywhere I go I seem to connect with people who are passionate about fighting human trafficking. Last December, I was in a wedding, and one of the groomsmen, David Bolt, told me about his organization called Bring Me Hope. This organization runs summer camps for Chinese orphans and then continues with year-round programs to raise awareness in the U.S. and meet the ongoing needs of those orphans.

Chelsea at a recent Breaking the Chains event

A couple years ago, Breaking the Chains made a full-length documentary called Hannah’s Story, which won “Best Documentary” at the 2010 Fallbrook Film Festival. Now Bring Me Hope (BMH) is seeking to create a feature film with a redemptive story about a Chinese orphan girl being rescued from a brothel. After emailing back and forth with David, reading the screenplay, and offering feedback, he asked me if I would like to have a more official role with BMH.

My title is “Movie Synergy Director,” which sounds pretty awesome to me! What I do is look for organizations we can partner up with. We want this movie to be an opportunity for organizations to join together to create awareness and offer people who watch the movie several different ways to get involved. Many times people watch a movie about an issue, and they walk away feeling overwhelmed and helpless. My passion is for people to leave the movie feeling empowered and equipped with the resources they need to help people impacted by human trafficking.

I feel like this is what growing up is about: creating connections in a way that opens up opportunities. For anyone who wants to be involved in fighting human trafficking, talk to people. The more you talk to people, the more you learn and the more information and resources you can offer other people.


We’re so proud of our graduated SOLD interns and the awesome ways they are helping fight exploitation. Are you a former SOLD intern? Tell us what you are up to! Or no matter who you are, we’d love to feature the creative ways that you re:act to this issue!

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