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No cash? Donate a tweet!

October 11, 2011

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Thanks to, now you don’t need even a single $1 in your wallet to support The SOLD Project—all you need is a Twitter account.

JustCoz is a platform that enables charities and non-profits (like us) to greatly increase their social media reach. How? By letting good people (like you) offer their support by agreeing to donate one tweet a day to their favorite cause. If that sounds weird and freaky, hold on while JustCoz explains:

Donating a tweet means agreeing to automatically relay a message for a specific cause. Once you click the “Donate a Tweet a day” button on a cause page, you become a supporter for that cause … This means [the cause can send] a message through your Twitter account. This is done automatically and does not require your ongoing intervention. We have set a strict limit of one message per day per cause.

A donated tweet will always end with “DT @thesoldproject,” for example:

Donate a tweet a day to help raise awareness for @thesoldproject’s work to prevent child exploitation in Thailand! DT @thesoldproject

As you can see below, thanks to just 10 supporters, SOLD has nearly tripled it’s reach on Twitter! Sign up to donate a tweet today.

Donate a Tweet to The SOLD Project

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