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Flooding in Thailand

October 13, 2011

All of Thailand is being affected by record flooding from a seemingly never-ending rainy season. According to the BBC, 700,000 homes have been lost and over 270 lives have been lost. 58 out of Thailand’s 77 provinces have been affected.  There are some incredible photos here.

Written by Tawee Donchai, our Thailand Program Director, living in Chiang Mai:

The bad damage is in the central part of Thailand where all rivers from the northern region gather and flood in a big area and all the crop and field have been underwater for almost 2 months now. All dam and reservoirs are at full-capacity and must release all the water which cause all major flood in central part of Thailand.
The rainy season started in April and has lasted more than six months now. The land cannot hold any water from the rain so every time we have a rain storm, the water runs to the river and gathers behind the big dam (which is already full), so all flood will continuing until the rain stops. It will take at least 2 months to release all the water from the rain to the ocean. This crop season of rice and all major agriculture area in the central Thailand is damaged.
Our housekeeper plants beans to sell in order to buy rice to feed her family for the year. Now her family lost all their crop and they have no money to buy rice for next year.
For more personal perspectives from those living in the Bangkok area (where Thais are scrambling to make sandbag walls), look at these stories submitted to the BBC. Check out this video of the flooding in Thailand.
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