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Flooding in Bangkok: Photos and SOLD’s Response

October 28, 2011

From the Field

Lynette, one of SOLD’s staff members who is temporarily living in Bangkok, writes that “everyone has been nervously running around preparing for the flooding to enter our area… As of tomorrow all government offices are closed down, and most schools and universities.  [My husband] went to the convenience store today and all the bottled water and food is sold out.”

According to The Atlantic Monthly, the city is closed down for a long weekend to allow people to evacuate, and government officials expect the flooding to remain for as long as a month.

Here are some unbelievable photos of the devastating flooding in Bangkok and the beautiful people it is affecting from The Atlantic Monthly.

Rachel Carey, SOLD’s President, is preparing to travel to Thailand next week if conditions permit. She wrote this letter yesterday:

To all our supporters,

As I’m packing my bags to fly to Thailand next week, I’m watching the news on Bangkok’s flooding closely; I’m sure many of you are as well. I wanted to write first and foremost to let you know that our kids at SOLD are safe. Our work is based in Northern Thailand and, although they’ve experienced heavy rains, the damage is minimal compared to what the rest of the country is currently experiencing.

I’ve had many people ask about volunteer and relief efforts, and if SOLD is doing anything in response. At the moment the government is pulling people out of the city, not sending people in. What we really need is your financial support so that when we’re ready, we’re able to partner with organizations providing relief efforts to those in need—especially children. As many of you know, natural disasters are often catalysts for child exploitation as displaced children become extremely vulnerable. Our partnerships will focus on organizations working to protect these children.

I’m currently scheduled to arrive in Bangkok next Friday, November 4th. If I am able, I’ll be working with local relief groups to learn the most urgent needs, help tell their stories through photography, and keep all of you informed and aware of how you can best help.

If you’d like to support our relief fund, you can do so by sending a check to our office (please include ‘Flood Relief’ in the memo) or donating online here and giving ‘in the name’ of the person ‘Flood Relief’.


The SOLD Project
3037-T Hopyard Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588

With hope,
Rachel Goble Carey

Bangkok Underwater #20

A resident drags his belongings through the floodwaters as he evacuates Bangkok on October 24, 2011. (Reuters/Bazuki Muhammad) The Atlantic, Bangkok Underwater Photo #20


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