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SOLD President’s Art Gallery Featured in Local Paper

November 1, 2011

Media / Press

Sorry, Rachel. We’re going to brag on you a bit.

Recently, SOLD President Rachel Carey opened an art gallery in her hometown of Pleasanton, California called Studio Unfiltered.  The gallery’s mission is to “forward creativity, passion and art excellence by providing exhibition space to new and established artists as well as programs and activities that encourage public awareness, participation and appreciation of the visual arts and the causes they support. ”

The Pleasanton Patch featured Studio Unfiltered in a great article last week by writer Cameron Sullivan. An excerpt  of “Art Salon Sparks Compelling Discussion of Arts and Society” is printed below with permission. It’s a fantastic look at the real ways Studio Unfiltered (and all who support it is) sparking a significant conversation in the area of how arts and society and justice interact with one another.

Gallery owners Kevin and Rachel Carey are examples of the individuals who have the “bandwidth” to start and continue a dialogue in Pleasanton about the arts.

“We opened this gallery in August because we believe in the intersection between art and justice,” said Kevin Carey.

“It’s both of our desires to see justice put into action.” […]

Explaining the studio’s involvement in social justice issues, Carey said that Studio Unfiltered donates a percentage of every sale to The Sold Project, a Pleasanton-based non-profit that provides education scholarships for Thai girls who would end up as prostitutes if not for private groups funding their education and advancement.

Follow Studio Unfiltered on Twitter at @StudioU for updates on exhibitions, information about submitting your own work, and upcoming events.

Read the rest of the Pleasanton Patch article here.

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