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November 9, 2011

Our Partners

firstclicks.orgBack in June, we posted a link on our Facebook Page to Firstclicks, a small organization with a goal similar to ours: prevent kids from experiencing a life of exploitation by giving them the education and resources they need to succeed.

Recognizing that the top five percent of Thai students perform at the bottom five percent of students in the rest of Southeast Asia, Firstclicks set out to reach a small group of 18 children from Phrao, a small village not far from where SOLD operates in northern Thailand, and provide them with technology resources and an integrated computer literacy course.

Currently, less than 40 percent of students graduate from Phrao high school, and most students leave Phrao with a 6th grade education to work as day labor, an escort, etc.

Firstclicks provides technology resources and teaches computer literacy skills to underprivileged children in northern Thailand. Our goal is to give these children a chance to learn, explore, communicate and succeed in the digital age.

By giving these kids netbook computers, Firstclicks helped support their school curriculum, increase their exposure to technology and communication, and improve their chances at finding employment.

They included us in their most recent report. Tawee went to visit them when they were in Thailand at the beginning of August and they’ve offered to help us get our own computer lab/programs set up. Here’s an excerpt from their report:

Thanks to your support, we’ve raised over $10,000 and achieved our goal of implementing the computer literacy program! The FirstClicks team made a trip to Phrao, Thailand in July to launch the project. The children were incredibly enthusiastic and have been waiting for weeks to learn more about the program. It is a privilege to be able to make an impact and help these students have better opportunities as they grow up.

As we learned more about the children and the environment in which they are growing up, we realized that there’s more to shaping their future than simply providing access to technology. Although a fantastic resource, these children still need hope, contact, and motivation to realize their goals.

In addition, we will also collaborate with The SOLD Project, based in Chiang Rai, so that they can implement our plan and eventually use our curriculum for their kids.

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