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“Something Wicked This Way Comes”

November 10, 2011

From the Field

Do you remember the first time you heard about Halloween? If you grew up in the States, chances are you were donning Halloween costumes before you could say “Trick or Treat.”

Last weekend, we thought it would be fun to introduce Halloween to the kids at SOLD. Though you can find Halloween paraphernalia here in Thailand, most of the kids hadn’t heard of that fearsome, fun holiday yet. When we told them kids in the States go around to their neighbors’ houses, dressed up as ghosts and witches, and asking for candy, they looked rather nonplussed! Many Thai people believe wholeheartedly in ghosts and that frightening spirits can snatch your soul, so it took a bit more explaining than we expected for them to catch the inherent fun!

(Someday, it’d be fun to have an actual Halloween party, and have the kids dress up, don’t you think?)

To add to the fun, the drawing lesson turned into a contest to see who could draw the scariest figures – complete with awards at the end.

There was a moment of silence as they contemplated the task before them. Then the scratchy sound of pencils across paper.

Then whispers…

…growing louder…

…turning into a vociferous discussion on precisely how to make a witch look scary.

And then the ripping open of crayon boxes to color before the finish.

Wouldn’t you know, when time was called, the most creative, humorous, and scariest figures came from two shy young boys and a quiet, unassuming girl?

Check out this detail:

I just love the expression on the zombie’s face and the fact that he’s wearing a tie, but has lost a shoe. And I love the little grave with that arm sticking out! Makes me smile! Not bad for a kid who’d only just heard about Halloween, eh?

These kids. They never fail to surprise you.

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