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Charitubl lets you treat yourself and give charitably at the same time

December 6, 2011

Get Involved

charitubl.comLooking for a special treat or unique gift this holiday season? New Yorkers need look no further. launched in New York late this summer and has already introduced local subscribers to restaurants, bars, fashion items, and more, but it’s not just an ordinary city-happening website. Rather, “charitubl allows you to discover your city’s happenings by giving you opportunities to donate to charity.”

Here’s how it works: charitubl features two charities each week and introduces them to people side-by-side with limited-time local purchasing opportunities such as restaurant menu tastings, cocktails at exclusive lounges, spin classes at boutique gyms, concerts at live music venues, and facials and massages at luxury spas.  When the customer chooses and purchases an activity or event, a percentage of their purchase will go directly to the charity he or she has chosen.

Starting tomorrow, December 7, charitubl will feature The SOLD Project for one week! So, sign up today and treat yourself to something special between December 7 and December 13. Not only will you get a unique gift or experience, you’ll get the satisfaction of helping us prevent child prostitution in Thailand. Cool, right? Don’t forget to brag about your purchase to your friends—the more the merrier!

When we spoke with co-founder Mike Dellatte, he was careful to emphasize that charitubl isn’t a daily deals site. Instead, it curates relationships with higher end businesses offering much higher quality goods and experiences at full price. That way, co-founder Mike Celemente elaborated, “everybody wins: the businesses look great and drive new traffic, the charities receive additional funds and awareness and the customers know they did a great thing.”

charitubl is still building its network of partners in New York city, so if you’re a local business interested in getting involved, contact charitubl at For now, charitubl is exclusive to New York city residents, but they hope to expand to other cities in the future.

New Yorkers, sign up now! Everyone, stay updated on Twitter (@charitubl) and Facebook, or check out the charitubl blog.

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