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Healthcare For Thai Street Kids: The Flood Edition

February 7, 2012

Our PartnersImagine the things “going around” in the schools in your area. Now add poverty, the sex trade, discrimination, and unsanitary living conditions on top of that!

When SOLD met VCDF, we were deeply moved by the Thai-run orphanage with little funding, trying to keep their doors open. Because when those doors are open, street kids pour in to play games, nap after a night of work, learn about STI prevention and body safety, and participate in art therapy.

The SOLD Project has partnered with VCDF with the hopes of allowing them to take more children off the streets of despair and into a life of hope.  One of the main ways we do that is by helping fund their healthcare program. Thailand’s street kids are lower than low in society, and many doctors aren’t even interested in treating them. The kids who are hated ethnic minorities that VCDF rescued from being sold at the border? Forget it.

The season, many of the kids visiting VCDF had fevers and strep throat due to the heavy rains that caused historic flooding in Chiang Mai and other areas of Thailand. There were case of self-inflicted wounds, various STIs, rashes, pink eye, you name it.

Here are a few cases studies:

Poverty forced a young girl to work as a prostitute along the Thai/Burmese border. When she eventually gave birth to a son, she had him sleep while she worked and care for himself while she slept during the day. She eventually turned to drugs and went into debt with the wrong people. She abandoned her son, and he came to the Center with a rash all over his body. The doctors attribute it to unsanitary living conditions and stress. He is now receiving treatment.

A girl and her family came from Burma to beg for money. She soon developed oozing boils on her body, but the family couldn’t seek help because they did not speak Thai. VCDF found them and took the girl to a doctor. Her boils are healed.

SOLD is proud to contribute our resources to the great work VCDF is accomplishing for kids living on the streets of Chiang Mai. Learn more about their work here.

Check out our previous VCDF healthcare reports for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011.

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