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Market Day

March 6, 2012

From the Field

When you do prevention work with kids, sometimes it’s hard to communicate the tangible benefits to the kids. They understand they have a chance for more or better education and that education is a good thing, but for many, the end reward is just too far off and too difficult to see.

They know coming to the Resource Center is a good thing, too. While the larger processes of protection, social engagement, and mentorship happen, they are perhaps a bit too esoteric for the kids to truly grasp. But what they do know is that the Resource Center is a place where they can reliably come to learn and play, seek guidance, and have access to resources they wouldn’t otherwise have.

They also know there’s Market Day. Every time the kids come to the Resource Center, they sign in and get points for attendance. On Market Day, they can use those points to “buy” goodies: stationary, shoes, book bags, household items, toothbrushes, etc. (Stationary seemed especially popular.) The more points you have, the more you can buy.

The kids sure do love Market Day.

On that day, we also held writing and drawing contests, and the winners won prizes and certificates. And special awards were given to the students who showed exemplary achievements in literary and artistic effort and skill.

On Market Day, we do our best to give them some rewards they can actually hold on to. We hope they’ll serve as reminders that money isn’t the only reward worth having.

— Jade Keller

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  1. March 7, 2012 9:09 am

    What creativity is abounding here! Love it.

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