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SOLD at Justice Conference: Day Two Thoughts

March 9, 2012

On Wednesday, Jesse Mojica wrote about her time representing SOLD at the annual Justice Conference that took place this year in Portland. Jesse, a freelance photographer and graphic designer with a heart for justice, continues her thoughts here.

Day 2
This morning I wake up before my alarm goes off and, while the skies are no longer blue, I am recharged and ready for another day of spreading SOLD’s message and mission at the Justice Conference. Today the crowd is much larger. The main conference hall fills with all 4,200 attendees during the speaking sessions. On breaks, they flood the exhibition hall. Today I meet twice as many people as yesterday, and the emotional waves come and go. I bond with a girl who has just returned from an anti-trafficking mission in Bangkok. Her name is April and as I speak about the wonderful things SOLD has been able to do, but also the reality of why we are called to Thailand, I see her fight against the tears. Eventually she lets them fall, and then I feel mine well up. April shakes her head and gains her composure to speak. We are both sad and angry. Honest emotions that drive us in this work.

But that anger and sadness is what impassions us to fight for justice. It is why I am sitting at this booth spreading SOLD’s message and why she and all the others are listening. It is why the several thousand people have come together here for two days. Because we are tired of watching the world sit back and watch awful things happen to our beloved brothers and sisters. We believe that everyone deserves to be loved, everyone deserves a fair chance at life, everyone deserves to have hope that life will get better. Everyone deserves to know that someone – anyone – is on their side fighting for them.

Around 7 p.m. and maybe 1,000 handshakes later, we pack up and head in to hear the final speaker of the conference, Francis Chan. A humble man with a faith-filled heart – he tells us never to back down from the good fight. That when people say we are crazy (“which they will”) to not become silent but instead to be bold and speak out. He also speaks to us of how easy it is to get sucked back into life once returning from traveling or even after leaving this conference. This time, don’t let it happen, he says. Go out and do something. Because, quite bluntly he stated to us, “…these are God’s children being raped … these are God’s children starving!” And if they are His children, than they are our children as well. Isn’t that the truth?

Come back on Monday for Jesse’s closing thoughts on Justice 2012!

SOLD stamps for everyone! This girl met SOLD founder Rachel Sparks-Graeser in the beginning!


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