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Justice Conference 2012: Recap Thoughts

March 12, 2012

Last week, SOLD volunteer Jesse Mojica shared about her experience representing SOLD at the Justice Conference. Here, she recaps what she gained from the experience.

Final Reflection
I went into the Justice Conference not knowing entirely what to expect. When I arrived my heart was already full with the message of SOLD and my love for Thailand and its people. When I left, my heart and soul had been re-ignited by the stories shared and the love, hope and passion that filled the air over those 48 hours.

There is something incredible happening inside the non-profit world right now – an evolution is happening. In the recent past, many organizations have gone into their country and/or city of work and provided direct services to those in need, and not to say anything is wrong with that. However, like the resurgence of small businesses in our country, there has been an enormous increase in the development of small start-up non-profits, such as SOLD, driven by the 20-somethings that make up my generation.  And these non-profits – regardless of religious affiliation or beliefs, regardless of what state or country you reside in, or even what kind of clothes you wear – are forming a justice army.

This army is bound and determined to fight till the last drop of sweat falls from our brows, to not just go in and hand out money to the poorest of the poor and hope for the best. They aren’t handing out fish to eat, but rather building structural services that teach a man how to fish. From providing education to those who would have no hope for it otherwise to digging clean water wells and so on and so on – we are on a mission to change this world for the better. Who needs superheroes when we have each other?

If you are driven by justice, the next Justice Conference is moving to to Philadelphia in February 2013. It’s hard to explain what happens when thousands of us unite together for 48 hours. But it is nothing less than powerful.

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