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Hey Bay Area! Meet Tawee!

March 27, 2012

Our Staff

In 2007, The SOLD Project was founded as a documentary film project. But in 2008, our real impact began when we founded as a non-profit organization, thanks in large part to the vision of Tawee Donchai, our Thailand Director. Tawee grew up in rural Northern Thailand, watching his female peers be taken by van to the big cities to ‘work’ – which he found out years later meant prostitution. It was this experience that led him to become passionately engaged in prevention work – to ensure that the future generations of his village (and those surrounding) would never see a life of exploitation.

Tawee’s story is a beautiful tale of the importance of hope and education in the life of a child who is at risk. Tawee and his twin brother (our new staff member, Worn) are shining examples of what a difference the individual commitment of a sponsor can make in helping a child from northern Thailand truly achieve their dreams. (Want to sponsor an at-risk child from Tawee and Worn’s village?) We’re excited to introduce you to Worn on this blog soon.

Last summer, Tawee married Beth in a beautiful ceremony in northern Thailand. Beth is Canadian, so the newlyweds are here in North America meeting Beth’s family and friends. They (and we!) are grateful to some Bay Area donors who helped get the two of them to California so our supporters can finally meet the man that helped start The SOLD Project!

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity for you to meet Tawee and hear more about why a successfull scientist pursuing his PhD would choose a different course: prevention of child prostitution.  If you’re in the area, please consider attending this unique and very special event THIS THURSDAY in Pleasanton, California. Register here. Desserts and wine will be served.

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