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An Accident in SOLD’s Community

March 30, 2012

Our Kids

A few weeks ago, we received an urgent email from the ground in Thailand. A SOLD scholarship student, “Anarak,” (we’ve changed his name for this post) was in a terrible motorbike accident. His mother died at the scene and Anarak, age 14,  was taken to the hospital for emergency brain surgery. He spent quite a bit of time unconscious in the ICU afterwards. SOLD helped fund his mother’s funeral and continued to send staff to visit Anarak in the hospital.

Since then, Anarak’s condition has improved. There is still some slight bleeding in the brain, but the doctors want to allow his body to recover before more surgeries. He is now breathing on his own, but cannot eat solids. As his brain recovers, he is slowly gaining muscle control and the ability to understand. The doctors expect the recovery process will last about one year, but they are still unsure about the extent of the brain damage.

A few days ago, Anarak was able to return home. He is now being cared for by his father and grandfather. Nim took a few students to see him after much discussion on what they would see and how they should react. The doctors feel that the more familiar faces Anarak can see, the better.

There are some great photos from that visits, with all the kids huddled around Anarak in his bed, talking to him. These kids–this community–continue to amaze us with the support they offer one another.

Please keep Anarak and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they help him recover while grieving the tragic loss of a wife, mother, and daughter. We’ll keep you updated on his situation. In the meantime, we’d like to share something Anarak wrote during the kids’ visit:

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