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“Out of Prostitution and Into What?”

April 28, 2012


We recently came across this Business as Mission: What’s Now and What’s Next video, and wanted to pass along this great quote expressing the importance of prevention in the area of human trafficking and, more importantly, prevention in the form of job creation. We are proud to introduce you next week to Worn Donchai, our new Sustainability Development Director, who will help us further this particular area of prevention as mission.

“What CNN and many of the others fail to appreciate or even convey is what are some of the root causes. It’s very media-friendly to broadcast spectacular rescue operations, but that does not deal with the root causes nor does it deal with the restoration of the victims.

“We know—you can read as many reports as you like; you can talk to as many victims as you like—that the root cause to human trafficking is unemployment. That creates high-risk areas for human trafficking. That makes people vulnerable to traffickers. So, we cannot talk about prevention—adequate prevention—unless we talk about job creation.

“As we deal with human trafficking [and prostitution], we need to be able to answer the following question: Out of trafficking and prostitution into what? There needs to be a job with dignity at the other end.

“So whether we talk about prevention or restoration of the victims of human trafficking, we talk about jobs: jobs with dignity, we talk about job creation, we talk about business people, we talk about business as mission.”

—Mats Tunehag, Senior Associate, Business as Mission

Source: Business as Mission, Call2Business, “What’s Now and What’s Next”

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