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Meet Worn, Our Sustainable Development Director

April 30, 2012

Our Staff

The SOLD Project is pleased to introduce our newest staff member, Worn Donchai. As the Sustainable Development Director, Worn is responsible for developing and implementing the social development strategy projects. These projects are designed to strengthen the financial resources necessary to sustain growth and continuous program improvement. This position will create social projects to promote cooperation between SOLD and the local community. Worn is responsible for achieving The SOLD Project’s social development goals and The Freedom Project’s sustainable financial resources.

In school, Worn wanted to work in the area of national development. “I wanted to share experiences, knowledge and opportunities for poor people,” he says. He used his knowledge of science to develop careers and income for weavers for nearly a decade.So when Tawee and Rachel reached out to Worn with an opportunity to be a part of our team, Worn accepted “without hesitation.”

Worn is Tawee’s twin, but they had different friends in school and different connections in the workplace. “So when I see someone on a street smile to me, I have to smile and say hi,” Worn says. “There are a stranger to me, but [I understand] that he knew my brother.” The brothers often communicate without speaking–even when they don’t mean to! “We have bought the same shirt in the same style from the same place, but on different days. Then we wear it in the same day and end up at a part together. Twice!” (Ed. Note: No one told me Tawee was a twin until we were all at a group dinner and suddenly I saw two Tawee’s. It was disconcerting to say the least. -H.)

“True sustainability is [about] how to think and decide,” Worn says. It’s about how to “create jobs and income, and be self-sufficient.” Worn wants to see the village be able to maintain its well-being and the education of their children so they can give and share to others.

Worn has his Master of Science (Chemistry) from Chiang Mai University and, in 2008, was a visiting scholarship at California State University Fullerton. He currently lives in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Worn, at the Resource Center

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