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That’s One Way to Fight the Demand…

May 4, 2012

Political Action

The Winnipeg Free Press recently published an article on a new way that Moldova has decided to fight back against Western tourists sexually exploiting children: chemically castrating the offenders.

The new law states foreign and Moldovan nationals found guilty of pedophilia will be chemically castrated, while courts will rule separately on those found guilty of rape. […]

“The Republic of Moldova has been transformed in recent years into ‘a tourist destination’ for Western pedophiles and there have been cases where rapists have repeatedly offended even after they served prison time,” said Munteanu, opening the debate. […]

The measure has broad support in Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest nations, where many believe that the country has an international reputation as a top destination for sex tourists.

Of the nine child sex convictions in the past two years in Moldova, five were Western European tourists. Read the full article for how other European nations deal with the idea of chemical castration.

If you’re a potential sex tourist who accidentally came across our blog in a shady Google search before your trip to Moldova…take note.

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