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Pass Along Her Love—Give a Gift in Mom’s Name

May 7, 2012

Mothers’ Day is May 13—less than a week away—so you probably already have the perfect gift picked out like the well-brought-up children that you are. : ) But, whether you want to do something extra special to show her your love or you’re still searching for that perfect last-minute gift, nothing says “Thank you, Mom” like making a gift to care for children.

Honor her legacy with a recurring donation to support all of our work with children at risk in Thailand by joining our Stand 4 Freedom campaign. Your pledge of $16 a month, made in your mother’s name, is an investment in the life and future of a child, and a beautiful way to celebrate all that she has invested in you. Click here to give.

Or make a gift in her name towards our second classroom building at our Resource Center in Thailand, and honor her by literally helping lay the foundation for the education and care of hundreds of children. Click here to give.

Either way, honor your mother. She’s given you a lot. Now is a great time to give a little back—or pass it on.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

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