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We did it!

June 8, 2012


Last month, we sent out the above video to let you know that we weren’t giving up on our idea to host a Trafficking Awareness Program during our Parent Meeting this summer. To pull it off, we needed at least 24 people willing to give $16 a month to join our Stand 4 Freedom campaign during the first week of May.

You rose to the occasion, and 35 of you joined our Stand 4 Freedom campaign! Who needs grant money when we have supporters like you? (Okay, grant money would still be nice, but you guys are seriously amazing.)

Thanks to those who gave, we’re able to run our Trafficking Awareness Program at our Parent Meeting in just a few weeks, and will even begin training some of our older students to lead the program themselves. (I’ll be in Thailand for the event, and promise to bring back photos!)

We still need about 136 more people to join the Stand 4 Freedom campaign this year, although, in truth, just a handful of you could make a huge difference. For 2012, The SOLD Project only needs an additional $2,200 a month to fully fund our education, development, and prevention programs on the ground. We can get there $16 at a time or $160 at a time. Either way, 100 percent of all donations go directly toward our programs in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Give Now—Join the Stand 4 Freedom Campaign

Thank you to all of you who support the work of this organization, whether you sponsor a student (or five) or give a little (or a lot) each month to help ensure these beautiful Thai children get to live and learn and hope in freedom. We can never thank you enough.

Rachel Goble Carey, President
& The SOLD Project Team

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