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Thailand Staff Reunited in Grand Rapids

June 16, 2012

Our Staff

This month, Thailand Director Tawee Donchai and his wife, Beth, made their way to west Michigan to visit us (Heather and Michael Colletto). It was the first time we had seen them since moving out of the Resource Center at the end of 2010. We ate Vietnamese and Greek food at the local street fair, explored downtown, walked to great coffee spots, and made them Thai Chicken Pizza. It was wonderful to reconnect and see them for the first time as a married couple! They confirmed as kindly as Thais do that our Thai language skills have deteriorated as badly as we feared and regaled us with tales of what is happening these days in Thailand.

We were honored to be the guests of the Golder’s, who hosted a wine/cheese event for Tawee and Beth. We shared about SOLD and it was our first event to speak alongside Tawee. The Golder’s hosted a fundraising event back in June 2010 that raised enough money to finish the Resource Center! Some friends from that event were there to hear how everything had developed, and others were new to the issue entirely. It was a great night and an even better weekend.

New Friends Beth, Susan Golder, and Tawee


Heather and Mike’s Official Grand Rapids Tour Guide Stance
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