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Our Students are Rockstars!

June 25, 2012

From the Field

Photo by volunteer, Zoey Hart

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with SOLD is seeing not only the individual children we work with reap rewards, but also seeing the benefits spread outward into the community. It’s so inspiring to see our students feel empowered enough to take ownership of their own projects and giving back to the community.

Recently, a group of our older students did just that! We held our annual Parents’ Meeting this June. It’s a get-together where we invite the families of our students to come learn more about SOLD and the work we do. We introduce staff and use the time to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking.

This year, our students performed as well. They sang songs and played guitar for their parents…and they put on a show!

Photo by volunteer, Zoey Hart

They performed a skit they put together themselves (mostly improv, by the way!), in which they told the story of a family with two daughters whose mother passed away. The father remarries, wedding a younger woman who appears kind and solicitous of her new husband but then abuses his daughters and conspires to send one to Bangkok to work in a karaoke bar in exchange for a good deal of money. Drama ensues, and the story ends with the daughter’s teacher coming to speak with their father and help him get his daughter back.

Photo by volunteer, Zoey Hart

And our clever students worked out the ending of the skit so that it would segue nicely into a presentation on child privacy rights and how to seek help if a child is in danger.

These smart, vivacious, imaginative students brought the house down. They had the audience laughing the whole time, and concluded to a round of applause.

Photo by Zoey

Fun AND educational for the whole family!

We were beyond impressed – and very proud. To our students: y’all RAWK!

– Jade Keller
Education Program Manager 

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