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Sponsors Needed!

July 11, 2012

Get Involved

Keeping at-risk kids in school is the heart of what we do. To put it very briefly: school isn’t free in Thailand, and poverty forces many students to drop out and start earning money instead of “spending” money on school. SOLD began because founder Rachel Sparks-Graeser met an at-risk girl named Cat who would soon need to drop out of school due to school costs that her ailing mother, a former prostitute, could not keep up with. Rachel wasn’t about to see Cat, age 10, move to the city to get a job on the streets. Cat became our first sponsored student. Today, Cat is now an orphan and at the top of her class, a role model to her peers.

Here at SOLD, we’re lucky that we usually have a waiting list of people who want to sponsor a student, but when we accept in a new group of students like we did at the last parent meeting–or when sponsors have to drop–we find ourselves instead with a waiting list of at-risk students who need your help to stay in school!

We’re at the exciting stage where our students are moving to the next level of education. That’s changing lives, folks. For many of them, statistics in this village alone show that this simply would not happen before sponsorship from people like you. The chart below indicates how many students at each education/giving level we have available.

When you sign up to sponsor a student, you’ll select on the donation page what level you wish to support at. We’ll send you a packet of information about your student, including their photo, birthday, family history, and risk factors. We love to hear from sponsors that their student’s photo is on their fridge–and on their mind!–or that they’ve involved their kids in the process.

We encourage you to write to your student twice a year using a postcard we’ll send you. We wish you could see the kids’ faces when they get their letters! The letters are accompanied by a translated copy, but our students are getting to a point where they can even read some of the English, which is such an awesome indicator of how far they have come.

As always, we’re proud to promise that 100 percent of your sponsorship goes directly to your student.

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